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I see what I realy Am... [entries|friends|calendar]

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.::Isis , Faith , Rubber , Leather And Dancing::. [05 Jul 2003|04:34am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Isis and Faith get closer.. Alot closer at the Bronze.Collapse )

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.::Infatuation and Vampires::. [30 Jun 2003|11:19am]
Okay sorry I haven't written for a while. Some wicked thing's going on..
Went on a date.. Yeah. I got this new dress..long blood red with a black lace overlay.. and cleavage.....yeah. Sexxxy.Willow let me dress her up to go out friday..yeah.. She was killer.Made Xander take notice for damn sure.
He want's to get all date-y now with her..which is good for Will.
Me well.. Riley is just yeah...PERFECT. He thinks I'm beautiful..
Cordelia and Harmony were being their usually pathetic -Im better then you- selves and he said I was the only girl there worth being with.
Yeah He's great..
He walked me home.. and we kissed..and it was like..wow..I think if I could have I would have melted..

Okay , Riley said he had this school thing to do so I thought I would get Willow to Bronze it with me. Well we were walking and talking when like 2 big ugly guys with huge facial problems jumped out at us..Willow tried to save us with a trash can lid and a rock.. okay I though we were as good as gone..when this little blonde chick from school, Buffy, Jumped outa no where and well..kicked their ass and turned them to dust..I put 2 and 2 together and figured yeah..vampires..figures..I guess she thought we were gone and say said "It's good to be the slayer"
so I'm thinking slayer...what the hell..
Well she went to the bronze with us.. Yeah demons, vampires all in sunnydale..yay.
Apparently she has some man problems of her own.. We were talking and some cute guy who was staring her down..well she saw him and chased him and came back less then happy, she's nice though..I need to find out what a Slayer is...I walked Willow home and all Is well.

Not much..Stayed at the house read, watched my fair lady..(shut up)
Talked to Riley for a bit on the phone.. He's so sweet.

Well I had better go..Need sleep , School tomorrow and Practice with the Dingoes..And get to see Riley..
-I darken my eyes as not to see-
-I bind my wrists as not to bleed-

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.::I want my Tutor::. [30 Jun 2003|02:11am]
[ mood | excited ]

Today was odd. I got sent to a tutor/mentor person , A student from U.C.S.D, Riley Finn .
We got no work done , Just sat and talked.. He likes the same books I do..
He is so cute , and sweet , I thought I had No chance with him at all , But Willow and I went to the library
So she would meet Mr.Giles , and see Riley. Well, Xander and I got into a normal altercations but Riley put an end to it, That was one of the sweetest thing anyone has done for me before.
Well all in all he ended up asking me out tomorrow night.. Me..Riley..The Bronze..Yeah.
I figured he would just blow me off , I mean , He's tall , handsome , smart ..and normal..He could have anyone but he wanted to date me..
I have to go buy a new dress and tell Willow she will die!!

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[25 Jun 2003|01:52am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I can't sleep tonight, Too busy thinking about Riley..And plus they told me I might have a foster home..Which I'm unsure how to feel about.
I did come across these Quiz's...
So goth you're dead!
You are every goth-kids dream!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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.::By Orders of the State::. [20 Jun 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I can't believe my stupid counselor is making me do this. She says I should "Have a place to express my thoughts."
I do. Its called my body with a razor.
This town pisses me off.
I can't believe I got sent here. I was living with my Mom but she had got busted and is in the pen now so they sent me to a foster home.. and of course I bailed. Lived on the streets for about a year till I got picked up and sent to.. "Sunnydale Home For Runaway Teens." They said I needed to be in a less urban environment.
The good part is I get to head back to school.. I do miss that.
Even if most people there write me off as a moron because I don't act/look like everyone else...If that want to dismiss me that easier. Their loss. Sad part is, Im smarter then most of them.
I can't wait to turn 18 in 2 years...Then I can just be on my own... not be a "Ward of the state."
Well, That's enough for now. I have to get up early and go to this meeting about some stupid mentor program. Also, IM half way through a great book (Dead Souls) By Nikoli Gahgole and I want to read some before bed.
Till next time.
~I darken my eyes as not to see~
~I bound my wrists as not to bleed~

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